Raven Time

October 17, 2017

Poe Middle School is proud and excited to offer our students’ additional academic support through our embedded learning time we call Raven Time. Raven Time is scheduled four times a week; Tuesday through Friday for forty minutes a day. The primary purpose for Raven time is to provide students with academic support to strengthen and extend their skills so that they may be successful in their content area classes throughout the day. A number of school communities in Fairfax County incorporate embedded learning as part of the bell schedule for their student populations.

The supports students receive are in the form of either Academic Intervention or Academic Enrichment. Because of the dynamic nature of this structure and the flexibility that our bell schedule allows, students are rotated  once approximately every 5 weeks to ensure they are provided with ongoing “just in time” academic support providing them with on-time intervention, filling in gaps or an extension to current studies . 

Ancillary benefits to this embedded instructional time are 1) students have the opportunity to see their teachers in a different setting and can often have their social and emotional needs met through the extended opportunities to build relationships and 2) students participate in character development and community service in an effort to reinforce our focus on good citizenship.  

Please take a look at how intervention and enrichment looks at Poe Middle School:

Academic Intervention The Intervention period is vital to meeting students’ needs and is structured to support identified students with targeted and specific support and instruction. Grade level and core-content teams work hard to determine placement of students for this period by using a systematic method using multiple data points. Students are either in a specialized program for reading or math or core teachers provide re-teaching opportunities during the Raven Time period. These students’ progress is monitored frequently to ensure success.

Academic Enrichment Enrichment occurs during the same time period as Intervention. Enrichment provides more opportunities for students to connect to school and receive instruction on topics such as art, current events, research standards, historical non-fiction reading, etc.

We are confident that these structures, along with the quality Tier 1 instruction provided in your student’s content area classes, will catapult our student towards the Fairfax County Public Schools Portrait of a Graduate and help us to reach our school’s vision and mission!