After-School Program

The After-School Program is a safe and fun place where all Poe Middle School students can access the After School Program.

  • The program is Free for all students
  • The program is Monday through Friday with transportation Monday Through Thursday and “Parent pick-up” only on Fridays
  • All students MUST be picked up by 4:45

We are having a 5-day in-person After School Program for the 2022-2023 school year! The Poe MS After School Program consists of a wide variety of club offerings, including academic, enrichment, recreational, life skills, and social activities. Please reach out to Mr. Harsh, After School Specialist, at [email protected] with any questions that you may have.

A few reminders:

1. All students have been enrolled in the Poe MS – All Students Schoology Course.

  •   This will have the daily sign up form, attendance form, and other important documents that students will need in order to participate in the program.

2. Students must sign up daily

3. Check the club descriptions sheet for more information regarding information about a club

4. You can't leave school grounds and then return for an after-school club.

5. Please report to Cafeteria at 2:15 and you will need to be in your first session club by 2:30 pm (once dismissed by Mr. Harsh).  

6. All “parent pick-ups” must take place by 4:30 pm.  Late buses depart between 4:30 - 4:45 pm.  Check the late bus routes that are posted under the "Resources" tab.



Information for Students

Daily Sign Up Form (Must fill out by 1:00 PM each day you plan on staying)

Attendance Form (Must be filled out each time you stay for the After School Program)


After School Program Schedule (Club/Activity and Club Sponsor(s))

Block Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
  Art Hamm Capital One Coders Yen EIP Mourning AALEAD Han Open Gym
  Basketball Clinic Drewes Chess Kelly Makerspace Perella Flag Football League Moore  
  Dungeons & Dragons Kliem Cooking Mckenzie/Valencia Newspaper Carl Gardening Haymore  
  Game Room Various Flag Football Moore Open Gym Various Homework Hotspot Various  
  Homework Hotspot Various Globo Gym Neufeld Yearbook Bullock/Weinshenker NJHS (Monthly) Palacios  
  Makerspace Perella SGA (bi-weekly) Schlessman/Schwien   Soccer League O'Reilly  
  Anime Mendez Capital One Coders Yen Open Gym Uccellini AALEAD Han Game Room various
  Art Hamm Cooking Mckenzie/Valencia Girls Soccer Club Moore Board Games Yen  
  Open Gym Uccellini Game Room Various EIP Mourning Flag Football League Moore  
  Dungeons & Dragons Shideler Globo Gym Neufeld Poe Minds Matter Halmon Legos Wright  
  Legos Wright Soccer Freeman/O'Reilly Strategy Shideler Soccer League O'Reilly  
  Scrapbooking Nathanson   VA Star Perella