Course Selection for the upcoming School Year

If you plan to attend Poe Middle School for the academic 2024-2025 school year please choose your grade level to access and review the course selection resources.


Update on Course Requests, May 6th 2024
Requests for Changes to Student Course Selections for 24-25 School Year

The window for students to make changes to their course selections for next year is May 1-20.  Students and families can request changes by contacting their school counselor:  

  • 5th Grade Students:  Contact your elementary school counselor 
  • Poe MS StudentsEmail your grade level counselor
    • 6th Grade – Ms. Harley (@email)
    • 7th Grade – Ms. Sack (@email)
    • 8th Grade – Ms. Mourning (@email)

Requests will be considered based on available space and staffing.  We will not be able to honor requests for changes submitted after May 20th.

To review your student’s current course selections, go to SIS ParentVUE and click the “Course Requests” tab.  You can also have your student pull up SIS StudentVUE on their laptop (screenshot below).   As a reminder, the classes listed are your students’ course selections - not their schedule for next year.

Some students may have courses listed that are placeholders for the actual class that they will be enrolled in next year.  This is done to group students into the correct section of a class according to their learning needs. Please review the chart below with placeholder and actual class names.  Students will be moved out of the placeholder and into the actual class in early August when the master schedule is finalized.

Additionally, you may see academic intervention elective classes that have been added to your student’s course selection, replacing a preferred elective.  This may include intervention classes to support literacy or math needs or needs according to English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) or Special Education (SpEd) services.  These classes are required interventions for students who are identified using data, assessments, ESOL levels, and/or SpEd IEP hours in alignment with state and FCPS regulations.  These academic intervention classes may be added or removed any time though early August based on your student’s performance on literacy, math, ESOL, and/or SOL assessments.    

All students will have:  

  • Language Arts/English
  • Social Studies/History/Civics
  • Math
  • Science
  • Health and Physical Education (HPE) *you will see 2 half-year HPE classes listed, counting as a full year of required HPE
  • Electives and/or Academic Intervention Electives (one of the following combinations):
    • 4 half-year 
    • 2 half-year & 1 year-long
    • 2 year-long

Please contact your student’s school counselor (6th-8th grade using the email address listed above) with any questions.

Navigating to the Course Request tab in SIS StudentVUE:

Placeholder Class Chart:

Placeholder Class NameActual ClassClass Type
Korean 1 (587026)English 6 for ELs (587026) English class
Intro to Chinese (570058)Beginning ELD 6 (570058)ESOL academic intervention elective class
Chinese 1 (581000)English 7 for ELs (581000)English class
Chinese 2 (582000)Beginning ELD 7 (582000)ESOL academic intervention elective class
Chinese 3 (583000)English 8 for ELs (583000)English class
Chinese 4 HN (584000)Beginning ELD 8 (584000)ESOL academic intervention elective class
Korean 2 (587500)Dev ELD 7 (587500)ESOL academic intervention elective class
Korean 3 (588000)Dev ELD 8 (588000)ESOL academic intervention elective class
Korean 4 HN (588500)Dev ELD 6 (588500)ESOL academic intervention elective class
German 1 (521000)Science 6 Immersion (521000)Elective class

Current 5th Graders

Current 6th Graders

Current 7th Graders

Current 8th Graders